Dr. Kati Spletter


Dr. Kati Spletter, DC

Body Energetics Healer

Body Energetics Technique (BET) is a way for the practitioner to communicate with your body to discover what is the root cause of imbalances and how the body wants to correct itself. Anything can cause anything because everything is connected: mind, body, and spirit.
BET Client
  • 60 Minutes
  • Minimum of three-four (3-4) imbalance therapies
  • BET is safe for all ages (infants, children, adults, and seniors) and lifestyles.

    Animal BET
  • Session is 30 Minutes
  • Imbalance therapies over chief complaint or wellness
  • Our beloved animals need help with their health, too. BET is gentle and can communicate with your pets frequency as it does humans.

    Life Path Clearing
  • 30 Minute
  • Using BET
  • Report of Findings
  • Up to two (2) imbalance therapies (time permitting)

  • Life Path Clearing looks at different aspects of a persons life, such as career, relationships, finance, and more, to unblock resistance in that area so that the individual may find clarity, peace, or motivation moving forward.

    Chakra Balancing
  • 30 Minutes
  • Using BET
  • Cupping Therapy
  • 30 Minutes
  • Air/Vacuum Cupping
  • No heat or fire

  • Cupping is an ancient Chinese method. It draws up underlying tissue to improve range of motion, decreasing pain, improving circulation and healing by allowing the body to remove toxins, and add nutrients and oxygen to the afflicted area. May improve cellulite.