Star Compass Astrology

Star Compass Astrology

Teresa with Star Compass Astrology specializes in personalized Astrology Chart Readings. Supply her with your personal birth data: DATE, TIME, CITY and STATE (or country), and Teresa will plot your chart and give you an intuitive reading (30 minute minimum), During this intuitive reading, she will guide you through a tour of the planets and aspects in your personalized natal chart, to help you gain a better understanding of your strengths and challenges, explain what it means for you, and help guide you in your life path.  And the color-printed birth chart will be yours to keep after the session with a symbol legend page to assist you in understanding your personal chart.

** $25.00 for 30 minutes, and $1.00 per minute for additional time, when available. **

Birth Chart Report with personalized, color-wheel and symbol legend$25.00
*NEW – Chiron / Black Moon Lilith (Add-on to Birth Chart Report Only)$15.00
Couples Compatibility Reports with multiple personalized, color-wheel charts$50.00
Personalized Astrological Forecast Reports; (3 mo. / 6 mo. / 12 mo.)$30 / $45 / $75
Geographical (Global) Relocation Reports; (3 location minimum)$30 + $10 ea. add’l
Life Path (Career) Report$25.00

ALSO — Event Date Planning; when planning for a major life event, choosing the right date for it can make all the difference in how smoothly the planning progresses, and how well those plans proceed. Consider having an astrological review of favorable time-frames before sending out “save-the-dates”!  By appointment only — please contact Teresa with Star Compass Astrology for a quote, as prices may vary with length of date range to be researched.

*** Date of Birth, Time, City and State (or Country) required for all chart prep services. ***



Teresa is a registered member of the International Society for Astrological Research and has been studying the art and science of Astrology for over twenty-five years.  She calls each person’s birth chart a “fingerprint of the soul,” and the accompanying printed Natal Chart Reports available for purchase a “road map for your entire life.