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8" Concave Bagua
Used for thousands of years throughout Asia but predominately in China with later cultural migrations to Japan. The small mirrors at the center are surrounded by the eight trigrams of the Early Heaven which describe and enforce the balance between heaven and earth as well as the proper balance and interaction of the elements. Wood, Glass. 8"
Bronze I Ching Coin
Bronze I Ching Coin
These bronze coins are ornamented with the traditional symbols of the I Ching, and crafted in the fashion of ancient Chinese coins. Items are sold individually. Use in divination practices like a flip of a coin, heads for yang and tails for yin. Assorted and is our choice. 1"
3 1/2\
3 1/2" Money Frog
In Feng Shui Money Frogs are powerful tools to attract abundance and prosperity. Place them near the entrance and facing inward as this frog may hop money into your home. Nicely detailed with bronze colored tone.
Money Tree 4\
Money Tree 4"
A unique focus for a shrine or altar space dedicated to spiritual or material wealth and prosperity. Branches may be adjusted to spread out as you desire. 4" x 2" x 2"
Money Turtle 2 1/2\
Money Turtle 2 1/2"
A wonderfully detailed totem statue of a dragon headed turtle useful as a focus for improving wealth, luck and relationships. Cold Cast Resin. 2 /12" x 3" x 2"
Feng Shui Coin Blossom
Feng Shui Coin Blossom
This Feng Shui blossom acts as a protector against danger and harm and also attracting wealth luck. Hand wound on satin twine these Chinese coins are a potent symbol of wealth and prosperity. Also following the pattern of a blossoming flower this is a perfect charm for any space. ? Chinese coins are round with a square hole in the middle which reflects the Chinese view of the earth as square and the heavens as a circle.
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