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Seven Chakra Tapestry 54
Seven Chakra Tapestry 54" X 86"
Vibrant tie dye on this tapestry is multi colored and shows a seated person in lotus pose illustrated with the seven primary chakra symbols, as well as a border of symbols. 100% cotton.
Tree Of Life Curtain 44\
Tree Of Life Curtain 44" X 88"
A powerful and dynamic symbol of Celtic heritage with a large central Tree of Life in the center whose roots and branches create a complex Celtic knot. The central design is repeated in the corners and framed in Celtic knot work. Loops along the top allow for easy hanging. 100% cotton. 44" x 88"
Triple Moon Curtain 44\
Triple Moon Curtain 44" X 88"
This large 44" by 88" curtain features a large triple moon with a pentacle at it's center. The four corners are decorated with smaller versions of the central symbol and interlaced pentacles. A Celtic knot border runs around the outside. 100% cotton.
Ganesh tapestry 72" x 108"
Let this powerful tapestry help you remove the obstacles in your path as well as opening up new possibilities. Lord Ganesh sits in the center of this beautifully tie-dyed piece that will look good in any environment. Colors and patterns will vary from tapestry to tapestry.
Suns & Stars Curtains Pair 22\
Suns & Stars Curtains Pair 22" X 72"
These gauzy cotton curtains, comes as a pair with 2 panels that allows light to filter through. A colorful array of purples turquoise, blue, yellow, orange and green color base, that run throughout the tabbed tops, panels and fringed bottom, well displays, the array of sun faces, with stars scattered about the panels. 22" wide X 72" long.
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Peace Tapestry 72\
Peace Tapestry 72" X 108"
Perfect for decorating your walls, using as a bed spread, or even a couch cover, this 100% cotton tapestry displays a pattern of Peace signs set against a tie-dye backdrop. Colors and tones vary. Each one is unique. Hand dyed broadcloth.
Buddha Tapestry 72\
Buddha Tapestry 72" X 108"
Displaying Buddha within a border of interwoven Celtic knots, this wall tapestry is a powerful symbol of harmony and unity between all things, and as a way of life. Hand dyed broadcloth. 100% rayon.
72" X 108" Hand Of Compassion Tapestry
100% cotton tapestry/bedspread 72" x 108". Hand of Compassion black & white design. Made in India.
60" Dia Assorted Design Tapestry (Mixed Colors)
You cannot go wrong with this assortment of round tapestries. We choose the design for you and each one is unique in its design. High quality Tapestry that is 100% cotton and ready to brighten any space.
Triquetra Tapestry 72\
Triquetra Tapestry 72" X 108"
A 100% cotton tapestry with a bold Triquetra design and various Celtic knots printed in black on a purple background. 72" x 108"
Ancient Celtic Knot Tapestry 72\
Ancient Celtic Knot Tapestry 72" X 108"
This beautiful, 100% cotton wall hanging features an elaborate pattern of Celtic design, featuring tangled Celtic knots and similar, traditional images in a message of intertwined and united existence. Hand dyed broadcloth.
54" X 86" Cycle Of Ages
This multi color tapestry has concentric circles with symbols and numbered time positions along with 4 affirmations. Corner symbols of Vitruvian, Tree of Life, Sun, Moon phase, adds expanded meaning to the overall design. It is 100 % cotton, 54" x 86"
72" X 108" Lotus Chakra Tapestry
100% cotton tapestry/bedspread 72" x 108". Lotus Chakra tie dye design. Made in India.
54" X 86" Tree Of Life Tapestry
This vibrant Tree of Life tapestry, makes a wonderful wall hanging or even a top bed cover. It is a universal symbol great for any home or meditation room. 100% cotton. Made in India. 54" x 86".
30" X 40" Ganesha Multi Color Tapestry
This brilliant Ganesha multi color tapestry, is a wonderful way to decorate or to display to remove blockages and open the road of possibility. 100% cotton. Made in India. 30" x 40".
Pentagram Tapestry Red & Black 72\
Pentagram Tapestry Red & Black 72" X 108"
A simple interwoven pentagram on a field of red bordered by Celtic knot work and corner decorations. Made from 100% cotton. 72" x 108"
72" X 108" Triple Goddess Tapestry Purple & Black
72" x 108" Triple Goddess Tapestry Purple tie-dye & Black, imperfections are to be expected.
White And Black Yin Yang Tapestry 72\
White And Black Yin Yang Tapestry 72" X 108"
This beautiful tapestry creates a powerful image of harmony and coexistence through an intricate pattern of Yin Yang, all arranged around a larger, central Yin Yang created so as to appear at the center of a stylized sun. Hand dyed broadcloth. 100% cotton.
58" X 82" Celtic Pentagram Tapestry
This tapestry has a centered pentagram, and Celtic designing, can be used for your spiritual space as a display, cover, or accent. It's base color is black with purple and turquoise tones entwined with in it's pattern. 100% cotton. 58"x 82".
Green And Black Green Man Tapestry 72\
Green And Black Green Man Tapestry 72" X 108"
Bring the majesty of the Greenman, a powerful symbol of rebirth and the magic and mystery of nature, into your life with this 100% cotton wall tapestry, which displays the verdant nature god in green and black. Hand dyed broadcloth.
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