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3" Hamsa W Chakra Stones Box
Round Hamsa Hand box with lid. Great details carved into this solid resin piece and with the 7 chakra colors down the center of the hand. Base measures 3 1/4" and 2" tall.
3 1/2\
3 1/2" Blue Unicorn Box
A fancy little trinket / treasure box, with dominant light blue coloring with decorative vine flowers that wrap around its edge, with the appearance of white pearl beads, with a beautiful bluish pearl white unicorn sits center top of it's top, to keep treasures safe within. Approximately 11 1/2 " circumference x 1" deep
6" Telescope In Wood Box
Fine box with inlaid brass design houses a telescoping 6" pirate style telescope which closes down to 3" into its leather covered base. This is an elegant gift or personal item.
Triangle Wood Box 4\
Triangle Wood Box 4" X 6"
Triangle wood box . Triple interlocking triangle symbols are most associated with the Old Norse and Germanic . Fallen warrior knot - "Valknut". Size 4" x 6"
5" X 8" Handcrafted Box W Floral Design
Handcrafted of wood, this box is perfectly sized for holding your tarot deck, herbs, or ritual tools, and features surfaces carved with intricate floral designs. 8" x 5" x 2 1/4"
Hecate Triple Pentagram Treasure Chest
Featuring the triple moon and pentagram design associated with the Triple Goddess 8" x 5" x 4". Made in India from Sheesham Wood a native tree to India.
Pentagram Bone Chest 3\
Pentagram Bone Chest 3" X 2"
Featuring a pentagram, this mini bone chest is the perfect piece for storing small amounts of incense or otherwise using in ritual crafts. 3" x 2"
9" X 9" Pentagram 3 Step Box
A wooden box with pentagrams and 3 drawers. Drawer insides - top - 3 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 1 1/2" - mid - 3 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 4 1/4" - low - 3 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 7 5/8" unit - 9" x 9" x 4" Made in India from Sheesham Wood a native tree to India.
5" X 8" Handcrafted Box W Thor's Hammer
A simple and understated wooden box with a large compartment decorated with Celtic knots and a Thor's hammer. Inside 7" x 4" x 3" Outside 8" x 5" x 3 5/8"
4" X 6" Chakra Book Box
Store your trinkets in this faux journal that is actually a box! This charming box is made of cold cast resin with hinges that open the box, imitation gold paper along the sides, and a 7 chakra stone on the top. Faux book boxes are not only incredibly charming accents, but they are functional too. An attractive storage option, with the look of a leather embossed journal; hide your precious keepsakes in plain sight. This box is 4" wide x 6" long x 2" deep.
Triquetra Wooden Carved Box
Representing the Maiden, Mother and Crone, as well as body, mind and spirit, this wooden box has been carved with a Triquetra. 4" x 6"
(2 7/8 x 4 7/8 interior)
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Brass Inlaid Eye Of Horus Box 4\
Brass Inlaid Eye Of Horus Box 4" X 6"
Handcrafted, this wooden box presents a regal surface decorated only with a brass inlay of the right Eye of Horus set within its lid to contrast vividly with its dark-stained wood. 4" x 6"
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7 1/2\
7 1/2"X7 1/2" 7 Chakra Box
This is a large wooden square box with the 7 Chakra symbols carved on top of the hinged cover. Rod iron looking hardware makes this piece really stand out. Made in India from Sheesham Wood a native tree to India.
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Celtic Wooden Cupboard
Celtic Wooden Cupboard
This elegant wooden cupboard, whose patterns of Celtic knots and triquetra disguises a solid, sturdy cupboard that can contain many of your ritual components. 11" x 8" x 5"
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Coffin Box
Coffin Box
A stunning representation of a six sided pine box coffin rich with complexly layered details inside and out. Cold Cast Resin. 8 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"
Salem Pentagram Chest
Salem Pentagram Chest
This wonderful wooden chest provide a distinctive shape that is perfect for spell craft and ritual work, possessing a pyramid shaped lid five metal pentagrams. 7" x 5" x 5".
4" X 6" Dream Catcher Wood Box
A Native American theme of dream catcher across the lid of this beautifully stained box in brass inlayed hinges. Measures 4" x 6".
4" X 6" Triple Moon Pentagram Wood Box
A carved triple moon centered upon the lid of this beautifully stained box. Measures 4" x 6".
Brass Inlaid Box (Various Designs)
Brass Inlaid Box (Various Designs)
These lovely wooden boxes all feature the decorative accent of a brass inlay of either a pentagram, triple moon, or triquetra symbol, varying with availability. 2 1/2" x 2". You recieve one box per pickers choice.
Celtic Circle Pentagram Box
Celtic Circle Pentagram Box
Carved with a pentagram, encircled within a pattern of Celtic knots, this wooden box is perfect for holding small tarot decks, jewelry, and smaller altar tools. 4" x 6" . mango wood.
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